Why do people still love old / classic cars? (part 1)

We have a few reasons why.
Generally, classic cars are rubbish. If they were any good, they be made, as James May said. Modern autos are more dependable, better handling, quicker, more comfortable, cleaner, safer, more efficient, and mainly more affordable to buy, also. Essentially, they in almost every manner. Yet the classic car that is definitely subordinate not only exists, but is positively booming today. Why?

There’s no easy response to this, but instead a variety of variables that every play a part.
There ’s the layout of the automobile itself.

These layouts belong to an earlier era—a period that a lot of people look back on, where designers were unencumbered by restraints like aerodynamic drag coefficients, or crash tests, and created contours that represented the disposition and styles of the time.

Modern production techniques also have removed from new automobiles. Mass production “systems” whole with robots and soulless computers on the production lines making indistinguishable components seven days per week, twenty-four hours a day, are focussed on a single thing: meeting with quotas and the goals establish by the car manufacturers to maximise efficiency and investor gain.

Classic car creation, on the flip side, was mostly a manual process performed by craftsmen using easy tools complemented by decades of expertise to generate panels by eye and by hand. The outcomes with this are developments which weathered the passing of time and have withstood the hardships of day-to-day use. Not all are like this, naturally. Some were quite badly designed, and constructed with less attention, but this is what divides automobiles which are just old and classic cars.

One of the sources for this article was: http://petrolicious.com/why-do-people-still-love-classic-cars, so a big shoutout to them!

We have part 2 coming to this article in the coming days. In the meantime, let us know if you can think of any other reasons why people love old cars!